Overland Expo 2013 and Beyond
Northwest U.S. thru British Columbia to Alaska, The Yukon, and east across Canada
to New Hampshire..                                                                 

Overland Expo 2013....May 17-20 near Flagstaff Arizona.
 We celebrated our First wedding Anniversary where we got Married at the Expo with fellow travelers and Camel Trophy Team members. Our Trusted Steed, Camilla was on display and hundreds of folks took pictures, and they took notes of the many personal features Shayne designed and fabricated. We talked and talked...and fellow overlanders, and to those dreaming of over landing. We even gave several interviews for Television, the Internet Media, and for Overland Journal. Sandra spent a full day in Back country Wilderness Medicine training, and left with her Advanced First Aid and CPR certificates. Shayne was one of the first people in this country to become Certified as an extreme off road driver, and was invited to become an instructor!! Over 6,000 people attended this years Expo. Again we made new friends, reunited with many Maya Rally participants, and got to hang out and travel with Our friends Jeff and Sheila Koscomb and their dog Topaz...

 We wandered thru Snowy Colorado passes, toured the Dinosaur National Monument and made our way up to Jackson Hole and the Tetons and Yellowstone. Even tho the snow was still on the ground in places, the parks were crowded. Outside the parks we camped in National forests, on BLM land and found many off road trails and scenic places to explore. Making our way across Wyoming, Montana and Washington State, we were fortunate to see lots of wild life. And Vast beautiful stretches of land....mountains and Big Sky.... Our last stop in the U.S. before heading into British Columbia was in Seattle...we ate authentic Australian Meat Pies and got some great support from the guys at ARB USA.

 British Columbia...So beautiful, so friendly. Provincial campgrounds are great. Clean, private sites, and inexpensive. We met lots of folks who were curious about our vehicle and they dispensed lots of great advise about where to go and how to get there in their beautiful Province. By this point we have become pros at our daily routine...up with the sun...well sort of...more like up with our bladders!!, nice hot breakfast and tea, pack things up and hit the road...avery few days we stopped at local produce stands and small town markets to buy local fresh foods. And each night after finding our spot to call home, the wine was poured, cheese and crackers were served and Sandra would craft another tasty meal. She began honing her skills at cooking over the fire. Hyder Alaska...A must do side trip as you head up the Cassier highway. Skagway...again a must do excursion...beautiful camping right along the water in the woods. Black bears....did we mention black bears??? And eagles, and Moose, and marmot, and mountain goats and sheep....and more black bears...we did not see anny Brown Bears, too early for them. They come out of their dens later than the black bears.

 Alaska was, well Huge and beautiful and huge....we spent a month in Anchorage With Ed and Kathryn...fellow Maya Rally team members. Shayne gave Camilla some much needed rest and rejuvenation....all new suspension, and lots of other bits and pieces. We went down to Homer, and all the way up to Deadhorse on Prudhoe Bay. Then we made our way across the top of the world Highway to Dawson City and back down to the Alaskan Highway. More moose, bears, porcupines, eagles, sled dogs, caribou, elk...Dahl sheep...and hundreds of pictures to prove it. We made our way across B.C., onto Alberta, Saskachawan....We had a wheel come off....lost the disc brake....found a graveyard of old Defender 110's in the middle of know where....and made some more new friends as Shayne picked parts, and repaired Camilla. Brand new disc brakes all the way around...and new axles. from there we made our way back down into the U.S. ....thru Sault St. Marie and into Ontario and Quebec.

Down thru Vermont and Over to the White Mountains of New Hampshire, where Sandra has Family. Blissful relaxation and family reunion on Lake Winnipesaukee. Mountain climbing, canoeing, eating New England Seafood. And the final bit of fun, a trip to and old fashioned country fair. Horse pulls, chicken judging, oxen..pigs, sheep, goats, cows, rabbits, turkies...vegies, cheeses, pies....and fried dough....and more fried dough. That brings us to October....And Back to Fort Lauderdale. Where Shayne has re assumed ownership and management of his Land Rover shop. Sandra is going back to working in Veterinary medicine....until the next leg of their journey....
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