2013 Mexico and Beyond

December 9Th 2012......Shayne and Sandra prepare for The End Of the World. They leave all their possessions behind, save for what they can fit into their trusty Steed, Camilla. The road leads north, then west, then south, then south some more.....Thus they began The Maya End of the World Rally 2012 in Guanajuato Mexico.  After days of adventure, navigation and task completions, Team 21, Sandra And Shayne completed the Rally, joining many other survivors in Bacalar, on the Yucatan Peninsula. There, they rejoiced at their accomplishments and ability to survive.....Beer flowed, stories were shared and prizes awarded. Shayne will be all too happy to tell you..." We came in 4th Overall, and 2nd in 4 x 4 class......blah blah blah.....Most importantly, new friends were made, and Mexico was an amazing country to explore. Such beautiful and open people. The landscape was ever changing. Incredible mountains, forests, high deserts,and  pristine beaches. All peppered with quaint villages, hand planted crops, small taco stands, pollo stands.....fresh produce and fish.... and hand made goods, crafted with family pride.You could easily spend two months or more exploring the countryside and beaches of this beautiful country. After more than a month we made the journey by ferry over to the Baja Peninsula. Quite different from the mainland. We met up with old friends, saw the migrating Gray whales up close and personal....camped among two story high cacti, lulled to sleep by coyotes every night....feasted on local seafood and slept night after night on a new private, remote stretch of beach or desert. We hated to do it....but eventually we crossed back into southern California after a few vineyard tours in Northern Baja. We said goodbye to our Travel partners and headed off for parts unknown in southwest California....So many parks, and forests....and back into high Desert...winding around Arizona and southwest New Mexico.....That is where you will find us now...taking a break and addressing a few obligations and (ooooh four letter responsibilities....But fear not ... the Journey continues.  We are headed to Death Valley to join a Land Rover be continued... March 14th, 2013
There are friends....and there are FRIENDS......Jeff and Sheila Koscomb opened their doors to us for over a month in Santa Fe. Even though they were busy running their business,  Above Sea Level...They made us feel warm and welcome . After leaving them we were a little sad. We headed out to meet  up with the Northern California Land Rover Club in Death Valley . Now there are Land rover clubs and there are Land rover Clubs...And this one is special.  We have been to Death Valley before, so this was more of a social event r us. We were to be one of three Camel Trophy Defender 110's. Unheard of!!! The first couple of days were spent in Gold Point Nevada where it was indeed a fun social time, making new friends, exploring the 
surrounding abandoned and active gold mines. Then we Headed up and over the hills into the Northeast corner of Death Valley. This Club Knows its 
stuff....we proceeded to spend the next week and over 800 miles in the back country of Death Valley. Shayne and I were so wrong....We hadn't seen Death Valley before. Not like this. Needless to say we had a great and challenging trip and indeed, made some new friends along the way. We rejoined them a week later in the Bay area for their club meeting to thank them once again. For the past month we have wandered all around California. Getting re-routed by snowed in passes...camping in snow one night, dropping back into the heat of the desert the next. Beautiful country. NEXT...........OVERLAND EXPO 2013 in Mormon Lake Arizona...Yipeee!!!
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